Quality and hygiene management

  • The first is the integrity of the packaging material itself in terms of physical composition. This is included in the direct health declarations of the direct manufacturer. For our product range, these are German manufacturing plants (EU area). Appropriate certificates of authorized EU accredited institutions are available and presented on request.

    Equally important aspect is the so-called secondary hygienic safety of the finished (ready-made) packaging. Here it is necessary that this processing is carried out in compliance with strict hygiene regulations and during the registered production process, when it will be possible at any later time to document and document under what conditions the packaging was carried out and what additives were used in the production. 

    Our company is fully aware of these important aspects and regularly undergoes the combined attestation of ISO 9001: 2008, HACCP and FSSC 22000 from an independent reputable company. This is the only way to provide you, our customers, in addition to the high quality of our packaging materials, with the hygiene-free final ready-made products.