• Using state-of-the-art flexographic printing technology, Kalle is able to print artificial, viscous and textile packaging in any motif - from the simplest single-color graphics to multi-color drawings to photographic motifs. Depending on the material used, Kalle's printed packaging can also be heat-treated, either by smoking or boiling in water, or by autoclaving at temperatures up to 120 ° C. All of these diametrically different requirements must withstand printing without losing its quality. Our prints also have to comply with the increasingly stringent hygiene regulations for food contact materials.

        Kalle prints packaging on flexographic printing machines on both sides up to 8 colors. Photopolymer printing blocks or engraved discounts are used for packaging printing. The plates are glued to the laser optical system, ensuring accurate color registration.

        It is also possible to print the packaging (full-area) with the specified shade of color according to the Pantone scale.

        For printing of plastic packaging we use alternatively both thin-based printing inks and UV inks. It is a printing technology where the colors applied to the packaging are cured by UV radiation. With this technology, the cover can be printed with up to ten colors on both sides.

        Kalle also has its own graphic studio, where the supplied originals are processed and prepared for printing. We process data in Windows and MAC operating systems in CDR, AI, PDF, TIFF files.

      • Kalle CZ offers its customers a wide range of products in the drapery treatment. All types of viscous packaging, all types of polyamide and textile packaging. All in different sizes (calibers) from 26 to 130 (larger calibers manually or in cooperation with the parent company).

        The customer can also define the length of the gag and the number of meters in the gag, as our company's variable machine equipment allows this. Long gags up to 88 cm allow filling on 1m long feed tubes, which is advantageous for high production efficiency in high turnover products.

        The customer can also opt for the so-called classic design, where the shirred packaging is sprayed with high-quality paraffin oil (workability up to 24 months) or a special recipe that no longer requires soaking the packaging at the customer (so-called RTF design - ready to fill). Shorter processing times are to be expected here: 6 months for unprinted packaging.

        A special kind of treatment is the so-called contouring, where besides the shirring, the heat treatment of polyamide casings is carried out so that these casings imitate the shapes of the natural intestines (eg the rectum).

      • Kalle CZ offers its customers a wide range of products also modify the cuts, which include all kinds of packaging viscous, even all kinds of polyamide textile packaging - all in different sizes (caliber) from 26 to 300.

        Customers can further define:

        • length of blanks 20 cm to 130 cm
        • can also the type of workload přířezu- next standard called bound blank loop can also be supplied so-clipped finish with eye
        • Color bound with string blank (specification contact our dealers)

        We -přířezy also deliver packages for krancované only tied with simple strings for connection with the other end of the product

        • can be supplied with blanks with fine puncture in the whole surface of the package (so-called chipping), this version also goes combine with the design with holes (gelocht), where near the harness are made up to 3 holes for easier exit of air during fillin
        • can be placed on the blanks printing, its exact location is solved by printing an auxiliary partition, which then serves as a dividing line for cutting blanks to a defined length

        The finished blanks are each bundled with a rubber band in 25 pieces each and packed in a plastic bag into appropriate cardboard boxes.

      • Kalle CZ offers its customers also one of the newer types of ready-made polyamide food packaging, namely their curling into rings - beading. It is a patented technological treatment of heat treatment of polyamide casings, in which this casing is given a curved shape (appearance) imitating the shape of the natural intestine.

        Our seaming technology currently enables ringing from 28-30 to 60 - on a very wide range of polyamide packaging manufactured by our company. The customer can thus receive an encircled package for autoclave, for standard used, for imitation of natural intestines and, finally, for designable smoked ring products. Details can be found on the relevant pages of our website.

        Depending on the caliber size, it is possible to produce rings with an inner ring diameter of 80mm for small calibers up to 220-250mm for large calibers. If the customer requires a pre-printed packaging, it is possible to define its exact location on the ring. Quality printing and a suitable position on the ring also ensures placement of legible EAN code.

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