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Eye-catching: knitted casings that capture attention

Kalle rounded off its portfolio of casing options with the acquisition of US Company Jif-Pak and its extensive range of net casings. These products give a distinctive and natural look to cooked or smoked meat and poultry products.

A side of ham in a service counter is more attractive if it also has a rustic appearance, such as a barbecue grill pattern or roughened surface. Casing-NetTM and Ultra-KotTM casings combine appetizing looks with the convenience and benefits of industrial production. Kalle offers these closely-knit polyester nets in a range of elasticity's and patterns. This enables customers to create a signature look for their products. The nettings range also includes casings with specific characteristics, such as easy peel-ability.

In addition, Kalle nettings are available with value-adding transfer capabilities. These allow customers to apply a surface structure, smoke color and/or seasoning in a single operation.

More efficiency and precision

Compared with conventional collagen films, Casing-NetTM and Ultra-KotTM casings offer greater efficiency and product safety during the stuffing process. Fillings are added directly into the seamless casing, thereby preventing voids, surface blisters and deformations. As a further bonus, these nettings offer increased productivity.