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Kalle specializes in the industrial manufacture of sausage casings. In addition to this core expertise, the Wiesbaden-based company produces sponge cloths, functional food ingredients and a range of other products for the meat sector and other protein-processing industries. Benefiting from stable growth in the global market for sausage products, Kalle is now one of the largest players in the industry worldwide.

Kalle has built its success on innovation ever since the company was founded in 1863. Its products have continuously redefined the way sausages are made. In 1929, Kalle introduced the first seamless cellulose casing. The “Nalo” synthetic casing was a ground-breaking alternative to animal-derived casings and helped to modernize the meat-producing sector. Today, Kalle holds several hundred patents and continues to work tirelessly on shaping the future of the industry. Kalle also makes casings for vegetarian and vegan fillings, including cheese, tofu (soy protein) and seitan (wheat protein).

Boosting productivity with Kalle casings

A prime example of innovation at Kalle is the range of value-added casings. These products eliminate a number of time-consuming steps in the sausage production process. For example, a casing can be configured to transfer smoke, color, flavor or spices directly onto the surface of the filling. That not only saves time and reduces cost, it also increases product safety. Value-added casings are a major driver of growth and easily the fastest-growing segment in the Kalle Group.

Committed to further growth

Since 1997, Kalle has more than quadrupled its annual turnover. This rate of growth is several percentage points above the general market trend. Kalle is focusing on innovation, especially in the value-added segment, continued regional expansion and the further development of the functional food ingredients category. The primary aim is to leverage dynamic market growth, especially in emerging economies, and continue the success the company has enjoyed for more than 150 years.

Key figures

Kalle worldwide


Producing 850 million meters of sausage casings annually, Kalle products could encircle the globe more than 21 times.