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65203 Wiesbaden

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Wiesbaden / Germany

The headquarter in Wiesbaden houses the main plants for polymer and viscose casings as well as the sponge cloth production of the Kalle Group. Research and Development as well as the Application Center are right next door. Conveniently, the Global Administration and its central functions are also located in Wiesbaden. Connected with the local sites, subsidiaries and representations, they manage the global business of the Kalle Group from there.


The Wiesbaden site has access to the extensive infrastructure of one of the largest industrial parks in the region, the 96-hectare Kalle Albert Industrial Park. In terms of operating efficiency and scalability, it is therewith at an enterprise standard. Moreover, Wiesbaden’s central location in the Rhine-Main-Area with connection to the major transportation hub Frankfurt ensure its global connectivity to all places in the world.



Thank you to all of our frontline workers. We are grateful for your dedication and hard work!

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Kalle GmbH

Rheingaustr. 190-196
65203 Wiesbaden

P  +49 (0) 611 / 962-07
F  +49 (0) 611 / 962-9373


Dr. Peter Schertl
Senior Vice President Site Manager Wiesbaden