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Rediscover us!​ Do you know Kalle? Do you know how Kalle products are made? Or how Kalle reacts to future challenges and trends?

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From medical-hygienic professional cleaning and application in the e-car production to environmental and noise protection, beekeeping and use in satellites:

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NaloRoyal presents colors of majestic style - tailor-made for our fibrous casing lineup. Furthermore, they are natural food colorants, and are our contribution to a more natural product.

Explore the product types and get more information:

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Sustainable components in products and production, biodegradable casings, legal and regional guidelines for quality and environmental standards, the potential of Kalle casings for other food areas and the paradigm shift in the food industry:

Interviewed by NewFoodSystems ambassador Prof. Dr. Hannelore...

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None of our long-term business partners have ever experienced a simultaneous coinciding of the factors influencing the industry in this form. The tenor from all players: the current situation cannot be compared with anything in the past.

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