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Dear Customer,

Since May 2016, the polyamide market has experienced continuing and substantial cost pressure, especially on the back of rapidly increasing raw materials and strong demand across a variety of end-uses and applications. The year-on-year cost increase amounts to 27%, with further cost increases...

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Wiesbaden, July 21, 2017 – Meat and sausages don’t actually need to be deep-fried to look and taste that way; they just need Kalle’s new Roasted Flavor sausage casing. Roasted aromas and the distinctive “deep-fried” appearance are achieved without even touching a fryer. Instead, the flavor and the crust are...

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Clean-label casings, Prime Definition net casings and NaloProSpice – this is what Kalle will be presenting at Smak 2017, the leading food and beverage trade fair in Scandinavia. With the help of Kalle’s product innovations, sausage makers gain an extensive number of new ways to get ahead in their...

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Kalle, one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrially produced sausage casings, will present a number of innovative new products at IFFA 2016 in Frankfurt (7-12 May). The company will use the top international trade fair for the meat-processing industry to address two key areas of concern. Firstly,...

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