Ingredient to your success – New Roasted Flavor

The advanced technology of Kalle’s Value Added Casings has proven itself successful at many customers in the meat processing industry. With the new NaloPro Roasted Flavor you can realize great roasted flavor and looks in a very simple one-step-process. The result is not only cost savings but a significantly increased value of the finished product.

NaloPro Roasted – added value

  • Great roasted flavor & looks
  • Standardized & optimized quality through the whole chain up to the consumer
  • Ideal for health conscious consumers

Product Information

Product Benefits

  • Time savings
  • No cross-contamination (e.g. Listeria / Salmonella)
  • Product consistency
One Step process

  • Zero use of hot oil
  • No fire risk
  • Reduced fire insurance
Safety – no frying

  • No weight loss, oil recycling, equipment cleaning
  • Energy savings
  • Flexible production planning due to pre-production
Cost savings

Frequently asked Questions

Can I calculate the cost savings?

Yes, we have developed a special tool that will help to get better insights in the situation in your production environment and potential savings on top of the other benefits. Get in touch with us!

For which products can I use Roasted Flavor products?

For all Turkey and Chicken products, Cooked Ham and other processed meat.

How much is the weight loss at the current frying process?

Between 10% and 13%. With Roasted Flavor products this amount can be saved in the amount of meat used.

Is Roasted Flavor products only suited for meat?

No, it is also very well suited for vegetarian applications.

Why is the out of pocket price of this product higher?

Roasted Flavor products are part of the culinary casings segment. The benefits of these casings go beyond the cost savings made and increase value of the final product.

For whom is this product suited?

Meat processors, Industrial kitchens (hospitals, canteens, Universities), Large kitchen set ups, Fast food chains and Casual dining.


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