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Opening doors through education

Our social commitment is largely channeled through the Dr. Wilhelm Kalle Foundation. By supporting education and training for young people, we aim to open the door to a life of independence and opportunity.

In 1863, Dr. Wilhelm Kalle began building his company in Wiesbaden-Biebrich with a workforce of just three employees. As he worked alongside them on the factory floor, Dr. Kalle gained first-hand knowledge of the problems they and their families faced, especially when it came to financial matters and health. With the company growing quickly, he established a workers savings bank, a health insurance scheme, an “honorary council” (forerunner of the present-day workers council) and, in 1900, a workers pension fund.

Remaining true to this tradition, the next generation of the Kalle family set up a charitable foundation to promote the education and training of young people. Today, the main role of the Kalle Foundation is to provide educational grants to deserving individuals. 

For information on training and educational opportunities and qualifying criteria, please contact the Dr. Wilhelm Kalle Foundation.

Contact of Kalle Foundation

Ms. Liane Kummer
Office of Dr. Wilhelm Kalle Foundation
Tel: + 49 (0) 611 / 962 - 6323