Value Added Casings

  • Casings with added value: lower costs, higher quality

    Value-added casings are the latest casing segment at Kalle. A prime example of the company’s commitment to innovation, they show how Kalle can improve quality for consumers while helping manufacturers to boost their efficiency.

    Value-added casings provide a range of benefits that go far beyond the traditional function of the sausage casing. They eliminate entire production steps by transferring smoke, color, flavor and/or spices directly from the casing onto the product surface. This takes place during the cooking process of the filled meat, cheese or tofu. The product is then ready for use and remains in the casing until cut or opened.

    Casing replaces multiple production steps

    Normally, when a sausage is to be smoked or seasoned it has to be removed from the original casing after cooking. It is then smoked, caramelized or coated with spices and other seasoning. In a further step, the new coating is fixed, usually by applying heat. The finished sausage is then repacked for storage in a plastic sleeve until it reaches the slicing system. With value-added casings from Kalle, sausage manufacturers can avoid every one of these steps. That not only reduces costs, it also increases product safety. Since the casing is not removed, it provides total protection for the filling from the cooking process through to slicing.

    Cost savings of up to 20 per cent

    Depending on the application and existing production process, companies can achieve cost savings of up to 20 per cent by eliminating cooking cycles and unnecessary process steps. Kalle value-added casings have been correspondingly well received by the market. They are a major growth driver and easily the fastest-growing segment in the Kalle Group.

    Catering for new consumer trends

    Through the transfer of aroma and flavor components, a value-added casing becomes an integral part of the finished product. Kalle works together with sausage manufacturers to develop the required flavor profiles. Food safety is assured through close cooperation between Kalle R&D and the customer’s product safety team. This direct communication has led to the development of a whole host of products that address the growing demand for healthier nutrition and clear listing of ingredients. Using natural smoke types and plant-based coloring agents, it is possible to create attractive products with no exposure to unwanted substances.

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