Sponge cloths

  • A natural product that delivers value: for the environment, customers and for Kalle

    • The sponge cloth was originally produced on the basis of an old Swedish patent. Having recognized its potential, Kalle developed the product as a separate business segment. Today, the company supplies one third of the global market and is constantly developing new applications.

      For decades, Kalle sponge cloths have been manufactured from cellulose and cotton fibres, both of which are renewable resources. Combining these natural products produces a unique sponge cloth with exceptional absorbency, durability and sustainability. The sponge cloths are also easy to dispose of as they are fully compostable and biodegradable. 

    Global market leader thanks to innovative product development

    In 1955 Kalle introduced its first sponge cloth. By continuously developing its product portfolio the company meets one third of global demand. Kalle produces around 10 million square meters of sponge cloth every year. That corresponds to 270 million individual cloths – enough to cover 1,400 football pitches.

    Everywhere, yet unseen

    In the cleaning product sector, Kalle specialises exclusively in producing sponge cloths, thus making it the perfect partner to full-range suppliers of cleaning products who do not manufacture sponge cloths themselves. The Kalle sponge cloth is sold under a variety of different brand names, but you can immediately tell a Kalle sponge cloth by the distinctive diamond pattern on one side.

    New applications, new product variants

    Kalle draws on the unique characteristics of the sponge cloth to explore new applications and develop special variants to access new markets. Long gone are the days when the Kalle sponge cloth was used solely for household cleaning. In medicine, it is used to apply stimulation currents to human tissue; in interior design, it is valued as a sound-absorbent material; and in refrigerated counters it helps with evaporation.

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