Sponge cloths

  • A natural product that delivers value

    Versatile. High Quality. Sustainable.

    • The Kalle sponge cloth follows the principle "from nature to nature." Through the clever combination of carefully selected cellulose and cotton fibers, we have created a cleaning cloth that is versatile, high-quality, and sustainable.

      Since 1955, the legendary sponge cloth has been an integral part of the Kalle product portfolio, based on a Swedish patent. Through continuous innovation and advancements, Kalle now dominates one-third of the global market, reaching approximately every 5th household worldwide. The original with its characteristic diamond pattern is omnipresent, yet invisible as it is available under various names in the market.

      Let yourself be fascinated by the global success story of Kalle sponge cloths and discover the sustainable lifecycle of Kalle sponge cloths! Be a part of it and experience how we bring nature into action ...

    New applications, new product variants

    Discover a new world of possibilities and product variants with Kalle sponge cloths! Thanks to its unique properties, we are conquering new markets and applications. Sponge cloths are no longer just simple cleaning aids. In the medical field, they are used to conduct electrical currents on human tissue. In interior architecture, they provide effective sound insulation, and in refrigerated displays, they contribute to natural evaporation. Learn how Kalle sponge cloths find their place everywhere and offer innovative solutions.

    FLUISORB®: From sponge cloth to granules

    The advancement of the Sponge Cloth is FLUISORB®, a granular material used for oil absorption. Whether it's accidents on the road or incidents in industrial settings, FLUISORB® rapidly and thoroughly absorbs spilled fuels such as heating oil or gasoline, as well as various liquid chemicals. FLUISORB® is entirely made from renewable raw materials. It replaces synthetic fiber-based absorbents derived from petroleum, thereby contributing to environmental and climate protection.

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