The Kalle Group


The Kalle Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of industrially produced casings and sponge cloths. Kalle casings are used in the production of meat products as well as vegetarian and vegan foods (e.g. for cheese, tofu or seitan). Kalle sponge cloths are used for household applications and in professional cleaning; they are also suitable for technical or medical applications. In addition, the portfolio includes functional ingredients, high-quality aromas, and flavorings for the food industry.


    The key to the success of the company, which was founded in 1863, is innovation. Kalle products have repeatedly redefined the sausage business. It all started in 1929 with the first seamless cellulose casing. Kalle offered it under the brand name Nalo as an alternative to natural casings and thus created the artificial sausage casing – the initial spark for the modern meat industry. Another innovation from the company is value-added casings – casings that replace entire production steps in food production. Today, Kalle holds hundreds of patents and continues to work on the future of the industry in initiatives such as NewFoodSystems.


Every day, around 1,500 employees around the world create value through innovation. With success: Today, Kalle is one of the largest global companies in the industry and benefits from the stable growth of the world market for protein-rich products.

    • Did you know?

      Kalle produces 850 million meters of casings every year. These would wrap the world more than 21 times.
      The annually produced volumes of Kalle sponge cloths would cover 1,400 football pitches.