Textile Casings

  • Tradition and individuality: the textile casing

    Originally, the linen-based textile casing was designed as a stopgap solution. Later, casings made from cotton or viscose became an important segment that enabled manufacturers to create their own specially shaped products. Today, Kalle is one of the world’s leading providers of textile casings.

    In the 1950s, a number of small-scale firms in the Osnabrück region began producing textile casings on an industrial basis. This gave rise to a diverse range of color, shape and printing options. The two companies that eventually emerged – Oskuda and Texda – joined the Kalle Group in the years 2000 and 2002, respectively, and have thereafter joined forces as “Oskutex”.

    A sausage casing with almost limitless scope for creativity…

    Kalle textile casings made from cotton or viscose are cut from a flat woven sheet and sewn or glued. Unlike extruded casings, they are ideal for creating unique forms. For example, it is possible to die-cut and sew special casings for use in the various holiday seasons, e.g. Easter Bunny, a pumpkin or Santa Claus. Kalle also has a high-tech screen-printing facility where complex motifs can be precision-printed onto multiple die-cut sections to create custom casings – even in comparatively small quantities.

    …and the ability to save time

    To increase productivity, Kalle offers shirred textile casings with a straight or wavy seam. The seam is designed to allow easy opening, almost like a zip fastener. In addition, the new barrier coating developed by Kalle means that textile casings can now be used for cooked sausages.

    Looks that appeal to consumers

    Products in textile casings appear particularly appetizing when viewed in a service counter. They are also ideal for artisan or regional products, and are more likely to trigger impulse purchases. Thanks in large part to innovations from Kalle, the textile casing has become a popular option in many parts of the world and is now well established alongside natural, collagen and fibrous casings.

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