• Continuous innovation – since 1863

    The Kalle Group can trace its roots back to the middle of the 19th century. Founded as a chemical factory for the production of paint, the company later moved into natural and synthetic fibers. For almost a hundred years, Kalle has continuously redefined the sausage-making industry with countless product innovations.

    • 1863

      Kalle & Co. founded by Dr. Wilhelm Kalle

    • 1907

      Hoechst acquires majority interest in Kalle

    • 1929

      First seamless cellulose casing and launch of Nalo brand

    • 1955

      Start of sponge cloth production

    • 1963

      First synthetic casing, Nalophan, made from polyester

    • 1990

      Start of modern, polyamide-based polymer production

    • 1995

      Spin-off of Kalle GmbH from Hoechst AG

    • 2000 / 2002

      Acquisition of Oskuda and Texda, entry into textile casing segment

    • 2005

      Kalle begins producing and marketing Value-added Casings

    • 2010

      Acquisition of Jif-Pak, entry into netting segment

    • 2013

      First spice-coated casing in shirred form

    • 2014/2015

      Cooperation with international fast-food company and development of a clean-label casing


    • Remarkable

      Since 1997, Kalle has quadrupled its revenue to more than €260m and doubled its number of employees to 1800.