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    With a successful track record spanning over 160 years, resilience and adaptability are key attributes of Kalle. We offer our employees stability, career development and exciting opportunities as part of a rapidly growing company that combines SME structures with the benefits of a major corporation.

    High performance artificial casings for the food industry

    Sausage casings may not seem particularly high-tech, but there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye. In fact, Kalle started out in the plastics industry and has used innovative materials to drive its ongoing growth. The sausage casings we produce today do much more than hold sausages together. Rather, they provide a whole spectrum of different properties. Some behave like a Gore-Tex fabric, for example: waterproof on the outside while allowing internal moisture to evaporate. Others, such as our value-added casings, transfer smoke, flavor, color and/or spices directly onto the surface of the filling. And those are just two of many examples.

    A host of skill sets and opportunities

    To develop and produce these sophisticated materials, we need well-trained and qualified individuals with a background in chemistry and polymers. In our R&D department, we also employ engineers and experts in plastics technology, natural product chemistry and microbiology – all working together to create the materials of tomorrow and beyond. As Kalle continues to grow in more than 100 countries worldwide, we also have exciting opportunities in many other areas, including management, marketing and sales. Our executive roles offer a special opportunity to be part of a multinational management team that is driving our global expansion.

    Short decision paths, proven structures

    With a total workforce of 1,700 employees, Kalle is still very much a medium-sized enterprise. There are none of the problems typically encountered in huge corporations, such as impenetrable hierarchies, ruthless competition and quarterly changes in strategy. At Kalle, we not only value team spirit, we live it every day. One thing we do have in common with larger businesses, however, is the quality of the overall package we offer. At our headquarters in Wiesbaden, for example, our employees benefit from being part of the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park.

    Training centre, fitness studio and Rhine promenade

    The companies located in the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park employ 5,600 people in total and share a range of on-site resources, including the Kalle-Albert training center. We use this center to offer a diverse range of initial and in-service training options, all of the same high standard normally associated with a multinational corporation. Other on-site benefits include a fitness studio, medical service and health management facilities – all just a short walk from the vibrant district of Wiesbaden-Biebrich and its picturesque Rhine promenade.

    If that sounds like an attractive proposition, please get in touch. Click here to view our current job vacancies. And here to learn more about our entry opportunities for a career with Kalle – either in Wiesbaden or at one of our other locations.

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