Research and development

  • Shaping the future through innovation

    • Research and development is fundamental for our innovative products and technologies. Our aim is to create new solutions that are perfectly tailored to current and future market needs.


      Innovation has been a hallmark of Kalle from the very beginning. Time and again, we have created important new products that become benchmarks in their respective segments. With each new innovation, we are guided and inspired by the needs and demands of our customers. And by working closely with them on joint development projects, we deliver new and more effective solutions.


      To help us create new ideas and transform them into products, we have developed a highly efficient innovation process that allows close collaboration between departments. We also have a dedicated Technical Service Team which serves as the main point of contact for customers worldwide.

    • Expertise and Passion

      At our Wiesbaden R&D center and in Vista, California, our scientists, food technologists and engineers are constantly working on new products and processes. Combining scientific expertise with a passion for invention, our R&D teams have a long track record of successful innovations. Our primary fields of expertise are biopolymers (chemistry and processing), plastics technology and food technology.

      F+E Profile

      • Strong customer focus
      • Teams of highly qualified scientists and technologists
      • Core competencies: biopolymers, plastics, food technology
      • Locations: Wiesbaden R&D center; Vista (California)
      • Application center in Wiesbaden
      • Over 300 patents/patent applications


    One of our most successful innovations in recent years is our range of value-added casings. As the name suggests, they offer our customers additional benefits. By enabling manufacturers to transfer smoke, color, flavor and/or spices directly onto the filling, they eliminate a number of production steps, thereby delivering significant time and cost savings.

    • NaloProSpice

      Shirred, seamless barrier casing for transfer of coarse and fine spices

    • NaloFerm

      Highly permeable polymer casing for smoked, air-cured dry sausage (as an alternative to collagen casings)

    • Nalo Clean Label

      New value-added casings for clean label products