Values & Principles

  • Practising shared values

    • Sustainability and social responsibility are central to our corporate culture at Kalle. We take a long-term view of future development – with regard to our employees and customers, and also when it comes to our impact on society and the environment. This approach has been a feature of Kalle for over 150 years.

      At Kalle, we believe that a business can only achieve long-term success in a flourishing society. We have therefore adopted a set of values that provide an ethical framework for all our decisions and actions.

      Quality and food safety

      As a major provider to the food industry, Kalle has considerable responsibility for ensuring product hygiene and thus consumer health. Food safety is therefore a vitally important part of both product development and the manufacturing process. To achieve the required standards, we use application-oriented testing methods as well as realistic product trials.

    The exceptional standard of our food safety and hygiene management processes is confirmed by our certification to ISO9001 and FSSC22000. We also consider it our responsibility to help our customers make optimum use of our products and thereby maximize the safety of their own products. To help them do that, we provide training courses and seminars at production sites, technical colleges and various institutions in the meat industry.

    Safety at work

    Safety first is our motto in the workplace; the health and wellbeing of our employees is paramount. We continuously review our processes and procedures to find new ways of improving safety at work. By setting our own ambitious targets, we seek to achieve significant improvements in working conditions year on year. Key areas of focus include new product development and our in-house production processes. We also provide regular training on health and safety at work as an integral part of our corporate culture.

    Ethical corporate governance

    The ethical standards laid out in the Kalle code of conduct provide a point of reference for all employees in their day-to-day work. They also serve as the basis for all internal and external activities. We attach great importance to our corporate culture, which promotes respectful interaction within the workplace and enables all employees to speak up. Kalle continues to embed its principles in its business environment, providing a foundation for our relationships with all our stakeholders.