Press Release: “Kalle innovations for Smak 2017 – New Kalle sausage casings create a competitive edge: more naturalness, more individuality, more efficiency“


Clean-label casings, Prime Definition net casings and NaloProSpice – this is what Kalle will be presenting at Smak 2017, the leading food and beverage trade fair in Scandinavia. With the help of Kalle’s product innovations, sausage makers gain an extensive number of new ways to get ahead in their increasingly competitive business. “The casing is essential to a sausage’s sales success,” says Claus Jensen, the Managing Director of Kalle Nordic. “Sausage casings not only protect the food itself, but can also meet the broadest range of consumer expectations. No matter whether you are talking about clean-label casings that contain no artificial ingredients or net casings that lend a more natural appearance to the sausage – the casing is a critical factor that influences the consumer’s choice at the sausage counter.”

Products designed to satisfy critical consumers are becoming increasingly important, according to a study released in 2015 by the U.S. firm Innova Market Insights: Nearly 80 percent of consumers want to see the shortest possible list of ingredients and they want these ingredients to be things that they already know from daily experiences. Kalle is serving this market segment with its Clean-label casings: They contain no preservatives, artificial colouring and allergens. They can also add value in the production process by transferring smoke, colour and flavouring directly to the surface of the sausage filling. “Our clean-label casings meet consumers’ needs and use only ingredients that consumers will find in their own kitchens at home,” Claus Jensen says.

Kalle’s Prime Definition casings are designed to make food more authentic and to give it a more rustic appearance. These net casings give cooked ham a handmade look. They also streamline the production process. Thanks to the Ultra-Kote coating technology, the need for collagen films and nets is completely eliminated. The surface finish of the ham can be applied in a single step and is particularly easy to peel. This reduces preparation time by 90 minutes.

NaloProSpice, a new product in the line of value-added casings, also facilitates more efficient production. During the cooking process, herbs or spices are transferred directly to the filling. This eliminates the need for peeling after the cooking process. The sausage remains in the casing until it is cut or unpacked. As a result, costs can be lowered by more than 10 percent in certain instances, and the sausage remains optimally protected throughout the entire production process. With the help of NaloProSpice, a medium-sized production operation with an output of 70 tons a day can reduce its daily costs from around €48,000 (plus filling) to approximately €42,000 (plus filling). “Excluding peeling losses, more than €1 million can be saved each year: no peeling, no manual spice coating process and no additional packing – all of these steps vanish. Production becomes a simpler, lower-cost operation,” says Finn Engedal of the MYHRVOLD-GRUPPEN/Rational that markets Kalle products in Scandinavia.

“With our broad range of innovative products, we can meet the widest number of customer needs. More naturalness, increasingly individualised products or increased efficiency – we offer solutions for the most extensive range of requirements. Claus Jensen adds: “At Smak 2017, we will present product innovations that will enable our customers to address consumer needs and gain an edge on their competitors.”

Kalle at Smak 2017, represented by MYHRVOLDGRUPPEN/RATIONAL at booth C05-04

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