Press Release: “Kalle to present new value-added sausage casings at IFFA 2016“


Kalle will present a number of new sausage casings at IFFA 2016 in Frankfurt (7–12 May), the leading international trade fair for the meat-processing industry. As a major global company, Kalle will highlight at this event special benefits of its products with regards to efficiency, quality and marketing.

“Kalle sausage casings can help manufacturers differentiate their products from the competition while at the same time increasing efficiency,” says Dr. Carsten Heldmann, CEO of Kalle. “Also our casings offer genuine benefits when it comes to improving product safety during the production process. The result is an increase in both quality and consumer appeal. Sausage casings are therefore central elements in the production and marketing strategies of sausage manufacturers. They are a key ingredient to the success of our customers.”

Sausage casings for efficient production and demanding consumers

At IFFA 2016, Kalle will present a new evolution of the value-added casing that addresses major nutritional trends among consumers. Like the existing value-added casings from Kalle, these new additions eliminate entire production steps by transferring smoke, colour and seasoning directly from the casing onto the filling surface. As a result, production costs are reduced by up to 20 percent and product safety is improved.

Spice-Kote: flexible seasoning together with appetizing looks

At IFFA 2016 Kalle will also launch some new additions to the netting segment. These combine the rustic appearance of closely-knit netting with the built-in benefits of a value-added casing. One particular highlight is the new Spice-Kote casing for dry sausage, ham and vegetarian products. With Spice-Kote, it is possible to apply a coat of seasoning thus creating an attractive finished surface in a single operation. In addition to the range of readymade flavour options, Kalle can create custom seasoning mixtures that are then applied to the casings. Spice-Kote is available to order worldwide.

Other new Kalle products at IFFA 2016 include a textile casing that offers totally new possibilities in shape and design to help products stand out from the crowd.

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Kalle Spice-Kote Dry Salami
Kalle Spice-Kote Salami

About Kalle

The Kalle Group, based in Wiesbaden, Germany, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrially produced sausage casings. In addition to its innovative range of value-added casings, it creates a steady stream of new and customised solutions that enable new types of products. Over the past 20 years, Kalle has enjoyed strong, sustained and profitable growth. Today, it is using its technological and innovative edge to accelerate the pace of development – both in existing markets and in many emerging markets in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia.

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